Human Ressources

The Eurosic Group is organised in 3 operating divisions (Offices, Diversification, and Development) with all professions represented

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hours of training for the group

Alongside the General Management, responsible for defining and the implementation of the global strategy, the poles and teams are contributing to the global activities of the company and to the projects’ success.

The Office Division

  • The Office Division is in charge of the property in exploitation which represents €4.4 Bn (value under management, rights included) by the end of 2016 : 170 assets for a leasable area of 838 782 sq.m. Teams maintain close relationships with it tenants based on mutual trust.

The Development Division

  • The Development Division is responsible for the development, restructuration and construction of assets. The division currently manages at the end of 2016 a pipeline of 22 projects for an amount of €2.2 Bn at delivery

The Diversification Division

  • The ambition of the Diversification Division is to become a major player in France and Europe in the leisure and the healthcare sectors, notably through Eurosic Lagune and Eurosic Investment Spain. The division manages a €1.3 Bn portfolio under management (including rights).

The Investment Department

  • The Investment Department identifies acquisition opportunities including existing assets, platforms or projects to be developped. The department manages the full process and the related partnerships.

The Finance Department

  • The Finance Departement manages the control of the activity including financial risks and cash-flows, and ensures the financing of the Group. More generally, the department is in charge of all financial requirements of a traded listed company.

The General Secretary

  • The General Secretary is in charge of the diversified missions into four fields: audit and intern control, human resources, governance and legal corporate and information system