Green value

Green value as dynamic of property improvement: a property attentive to its customers.

Key figures as at 12/31/2016

  • 98% of assets are located at less than 400 meters from a public transportation (Base: : lettable surface of Eurosic assets))
  • 85% of office assets in operation are benefitting from an environmental certification in operation or during construction phase. (Base : lettable surface of Eurosic’ assets)
  • 64% of office assets in operation are benefitting from an energy audit (base : lettable surface of Eurosic’ assets)

Certification level of the office property in operation (Eurosic)

An engaged initiative towards its employees

Euler, the choice of a RSE initiative for the everyday life of its employees:
  • A regulated temperature by room probe
  • Modern, functional and bright workspaces
  • Recycling rain water for flushing
  • Covers, close and accessible to everybody bicycle room
  • A company restaurant open from 8 am to 6 pm
  • Application of the Feng Shui guidelines for the office layout and decoration on each floors
  • Responsible purchasing are encouraged (fair trade, recyclable products, green products…)
  • Implementation of a vegetable garden for the arrangement of the flower pots on balcony and terraces
  • Removal of the individuals bins in favour of the implementation of waste selecting contenair
  • Stop disposable water bottles! Hello the fountain connected to the grid and the Gobi ( produced in France and compiled in an ESAT)
  • 2 Blue cars available for business travel
  • Defibrillator at reception and private areas
  • 4 electrical bicycle purchased to go to business meeting