Good practices

Spread of the good practices in agreement with our stakeholders.

Keys figures as at 12/31/2016

  • 100% of the technical performances contracts contain sustainable development clauses
  • 91% of office assets in development expect a certification in 2016 (base: surfaces area of Eurosic's assets) Target 2017-2018: 100%
  • 62% of office assets are benefiting from an environmental annex in 2016 (base: surfaces area of Eurosic's assets) Target 2017-2018: 100%

Some examples of good practices:

Environmental occupation guideline

Eurosic has developed an environmental occupation guideline and good practices for the occupants of the leased premises. The guideline is intended to the persons in charge of the general services with the aim to perpetuate healthy, comfortable and energy saving workspace, a continuous improvement initiative of the exploitation and an eco-citizen behaviour. Made up of two chapters: the first one is dedicated to the space planning and the second on the exploitation follow-up. The brochure is intended to the tenants and lists a pallet of eco-citizen practices in reference to wastes, energy, water and materials.

A shared societal commitment

City and Property Foundation
This foundation created by Foncière de Paris strongly reinforced the involvement of Eurosic concerning the sponsorship. The targets:
  • Focus on the property operations and/or cultural in Paris
  • Organize regular practices in connection with sponsorship actions making possible to join together prospects, tenants and shareholders…
Support from the Palladio Foundation
Palladio Foundation, under the aegis of France Foundation, has been created in 2008 at the service of common goods concerning the major challenge of XXIe, building of the city and its living areas. In 2016, Eurosic has notably supported the 5th annual cycle of Palladio Institutes of High Real Estate Studies and the City on the topic of “Tomorrow’s City in the age of social responsibility”.