Management Board

Since 2009, Eurosic has adopted a new form of governance towards a Management Board. It determinates the activity of the Group as well of its orientations and ensure itself of the setting by the management committee.

Management Board Members

  • Ms. Sophie BEUVADEN, Chairman of the Executive Board
  • ACM VIE SAM, represented by Ms. Pascale BONNET
  • BATIPART IMMO EUROPE, represented by Mr. Charles RUGGIERI
  • COVÉA COOPÉRATIONS, represented by Mr. Olivier LE BORGNE
  • PREDICA, represented by Ms. Françoise DEBRUS
  • Mr. René ABATE (*)
  • Mr. Jean-Louis CHARON (*)
  • Mr. François COUCHOU-MEILLOT
  • Ms. Dominique DANIEL (*)
  • Ms. Stéphanie FRACHET (*)
  • Mr. Benoit HÉRAULT (*)
  • LATRICOGNE, represented by Mr. Jean-Paul DUMONT
  • Ms. Tatiana NOURISSAT (*)
  • Mr. Yan PERCHET
  • DEBIOPHARM HOLDING SA, represented by Ms. Valérie CALVAYRAC, censor
  • Mr. Luc GUINEFORT, censor

(*) Independant administrator